For the Nigerian optometrist/healthcare practitioner with a clear vision, small business owner with a compelling mission, and young professional with a unique value.

Our success is determined by your success


To empower growing or established mission-driven businesses and professionals through strategic design. We strive to develop designs that create connections and inspire change.


To be the one-stop design and creative agency in Nigeria empowering and raising stars through Design and Strategy, eliminating cost as a barrier to vision actualization.
For the next generation of big businesses

Ideas abound but there is need to strategically communicate these ideas through the creation of value for all stakeholders. These ideas can be seen in the entrepreneurial ventures scattered all over Nigeria.

Our end goal is to communicate your unique value to your target audience with maximum return on investment.


StarRose uses a creative storytelling through design and strategy to ensure your unique value is communicated in ways that are relevant and memorable.

Graphic Design

Do you need graphic designs that are impressive and functional? Your vision is our launch pad to creating designs that are beyond form and aesthetics. Our compelling designs will covey your ideas effectively.

Web Design

Do you good a website that is responsive while offering an appropriate user experience. Your goals will inform our strategy for a website that makes required first impression and converts on expectations.

Digital Marketing

Do you need a memorable impression of your unique value offerings? With you, through strategic thinking, we will create stand-out contents to engage your customers and consumers beneficially in the modern-day digital landscape.

Brand Strategy

Do you need a brand with personality and effect? We will develop a unique identity that establishes brand continuity, reflects your mission and impacts your audience. Your ideas drive a collaboration with you for a unique brand identity.

It always seems impossible until it’s done.
Nelson Mandela

Why we are different


Run by an Optometrist/Digital Marketing Strategist with training in web/graphic design and healthcare management. Collaborations with experts to serve you most efficiently with no cost barrier. Our goal is to grow with you through design thinking and growth-driven design


With a small beginning, StarRose is continuously developing to serve you optimally. You can only try us to grade us!

We can help you craft a connected set of choices that together will give you or your business a strategic position in your field. At the same time creating a sustainable relative advantage with superior returns.

We can help you specify and effectively utilize the optimum digital tools and channels to advance and support your strategy and vision.

In areas where greater expertise is required above our promise to you, StarRose will not hesitate to outsource to the best experts.

Our aim: Collaborate to empower you through strategic thinking for compelling designs.

  • Branding Strategy – 90%
  • Web Design & Management – 77%
  • Graphic Design – 85%
  • Content Strategy – 85%
  • Email Marketing – 80%
  • Healthcare Management – 95%
  • Inbound Marketing – 90%
  • Search Engine Optimization – 90%

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